Alliance Wellness Clinic, Inc.
in Bloomington, MN

believes in treating all components of an individual’s social, physical, spiritual, cultural and emotional well-being. We also believe that dependence on opiates is medically treatable with proven, clinically researched methods.
At Alliance Wellness Clinic, you will be accepted as an equal and not judged for your individual choices. We understand that chemical dependency is a chronic and progressive disease with multiple causes and we dedicate ourselves to offering specialized care, empowering people to create healing and meaningful changes for themselves.

Live Free From Addiction

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Our Mission

To provide supportive services that bring healing and hope to individuals, families and communities affected by opiates and other drugs.

Alliance Wellness Clinic, Inc.

is a locally owned treatment center. We are unique in our approach, we deliver treatment to multiple cultures. Bringing wellness to those that seek our help. Call us at 952-693-0080 to schedule an appointment. We welcome you with open arms.

Our Vison

An agency known for excellence in substance abuse services, with a special focus in addressing mental health.

Our Services Include:



Alliance Wellness Clinic, Inc. offers both Suboxone and/or Methadone medication to help with opiate addiction. Both medications are used to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and to reduce or eliminate cravings for opiates. read more



With both forms of medication assisted treatment, patients will be offered individual counseling sessions with an LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor). Sessions are offered to help with continued support throughout the medication treatment process. read more



Alliance Wellness Clinic offers full chemical health ssessments for patients that are in need of an assessment for personal, funding, court, or etc.The assessment will typically be completed in session with a patient’s chemical health counselor. read more

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